The NuCalm Experience

Setting up your NuCalm system for the first time.

Step One: Download the NuCalm App

Step Two: Set up the device you are using to run the NuCalm app.

Keep the following in mind:

  • You can connect your headset to your device via Bluetooth and/or the audio cable provided
  • Use the noise cancelling feature when you are in a loud environment (i.e., on a plane, at work, in a car as a passenger)
  • Adjust the Do Not Disturb Settings on your device (you only have to do this the first time) to avoid any interruptions/notifications during your NuCalm session
    • Go to settings
    • Select Do Not Disturb
    • Under silence, select Always (if it is not already the default)
  • Now, whenever you are ready to NuCalm, put your phone on Do Not Disturb through the shortcut by,
    • Swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to reveal a shortcut to your device’s control center
    • Select the crescent moon icon to turn off notification sounds during your session
    • Once your NuCalm session is complete, swipe up and select the crescent moon icon again to resume phone notifications

Step Three: Apply the cream, CES device patches, eye mask, and headphones as shown in the “how to” video.

  • Open the NuCalm app on your device and enter your unique login credentials
    • Username: email (all lowercase)
    • Password: xxxxx (all lowercase)
  • Select Start New Session
  • Select Start NuCalm Session
  • Select the tracks you would like to use
  • Select the “play” icon, sit back and relax

Best Practices for Self-Administration

Here are some pointers to ensure proper self-administration of NuCalm:

  • Find a comfortable place to rest for your NuCalm session
  • Use a blanket to stay warm – you may feel a chill as you relax
  • Apply the NuCalm cream – one full pump for each side of your neck, applied on the carotid artery
  • When applying the CES patches, make sure they are on the soft spot beneath the ear
  • Simply turn on the CES unit – it is set to work at the default values
  • You should not feel any sensation
  • Place the eye mask on your forehead
  • Turn on the headphones and pair the Bluetooth or connect the audio cable to your device running the NuCalm app
  • Open the NuCalm app and select the tracks you want to use
  • Select the “play” button
  • Cover your eyes with the eye mask
  • Relax

Typical NuCalm sessions last between 20-60 minutes, based upon your current level of stress and sleep quality – the higher the stress, the longer the NuCalm session. You will experience shorter sessions with consistent use. We suggest you NuCalm daily to improve sleep quality and increase stress resilience. Typical use cases for NuCalm include:

  • A morning session, when you wake up
  • In the afternoon, when you’re feeling sluggish
  • Early evening, before 7pm
  • At night, as a sleep aid if you have difficulty sleeping (use just the cream, music and eye mask – the CES/patches are not necessary)
  • The physiological experience of NuCalm includes feeling your arms and legs get heavy, as your heart rate and breathing slow down. It is completely normal for your mind to wander and continue having many thoughts.

The end of your NuCalm session is indicated by a feeling of restlessness, as you will simply “wake up,” the same way you would after a nap. You will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Typically you will not fall asleep during NuCalm; you should simply just relax. If you are under increased stress or experiencing poor sleep quality, you may fall asleep during your session, but it is not the ultimate goal. The goal is to reach a natural ‘meditative’ state, where your mind and body achieve optimal healing.

If you have any questions about administering NuCalm or the various applications of NuCalm, please feel free to reach out to us!

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Air Travel

NuCalm is an amazing travel companion, especially if you are crossing multiple time zone. By establishing homeostasis of your autonomic nervous system, NuCalm will help to reset your circadian rhythm.

Here are some recommendations for NuCalm use for air travel:

  • Recommended not to drink alcohol before or during your flight – it creates dehydration and contributes to jet lag. Stay hydrated, eat and add electrolytes to your routine.
  • NuCalm before your travel day – duration of the NuCalm experience will vary. At a minimum, try to NuCalm for 30 minutes.
  • Once you are on the plane, and when you start to feel sleep, start applying NuCalm. NuCalm for as long as you possibly can.
  • Once you are up, do your normal plane routine.
  • One hour before decent, apply NuCalm. For this NuCalm experience you will not need to administer the NuCalm calming cream.
  • Once you have arrived at your final destination and you are checked into your room, apply NuCalm. At a minimum, try to NuCalm for 30 minutes.
  • On your day of arrival, follow your normal bedtime routine in accordance with the time zone you are in.
  • Next morning, wake up and NuCalm.

Recommended to NuCalm every day you are there. At a minimum NuCalm for 30 minutes.
For your return flight, it is recommended that you follow the same routine as listed above. Again, this is just a recommendation. In regards to the time of day you NuCalm during your stay, do it when you prefer to NuCalm. Some people enjoy NuCalming in the morning, while others might enjoy it mid-afternoon.

Morning NuCalm is like a deep meditation experience where you won’t doze off to sleep – your body will feel heavy in your bed, your respiration will slow down, and your mind will wander. Morning NuCalm sessions will usually energize you for the entire day and help you experience mental clarity and a quiet confidence..

Afternoon NuCalm is typically very deep and you will probably fall asleep and move between sleep and deep relaxation. After an afternoon NuCalm experience, you will feel amazing – great energy and a clear mind.

We appreciate you and your passion for NuCalm.

Safe travels!!