Frequently Asked Questions

What is my NuCalm app login & password? Where do I get one?

When you purchased your NuCalm system, you should have received an email with your unique NuCalm login & password. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam.

If you are not able to locate it, call us directly at 877.6.NUCALM (877.668.2256) and ask for Technical Support. Please note, you cannot create or receive login credentials without purchasing the entire four part system.

How do I pair my JBL Headphones with the my device?

There are four buttons on the JBL Headphones. The two buttons on the left ear cuff (marked with a large, white L on the inside) are for volume. The top button on the right ear is the power on/off button.

To pair your JBL Headphones with your device for the first time, do the following:

  • On your smart device, open the settings menu and select Bluetooth.
  • Within the Bluetooth menu make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Press and hold the power button on the JBL headphones to power them on.
  • Your device will automatically start scanning for nearby devices. “JBL Everest Elite” will appear under “My Devices” for iOS, and “Available Devices” for Android. Once it appears, click on “JBL Everest Elite” to connect your device to the JBL Headphones.
    • If you do not see the headphones in the list, make sure the red/white light on the headset is still flashing; if not, press and hold the power button again until it is and press SCAN within the Bluetooth menu to scan for nearby devices again
    • If you still do no see it, turn off the Bluetooth, turn it back on and wait for it to scan again
    • Once connected, ‘JBL Everest Elite’ will now move up to the “Paired Devices” list
    • If you play a track from the NuCalm app now, you should be able to hear it in the JBL headphones, without connecting the audio cable
  • Once paired, you will not need to do this again for subsequent uses, unless you get new headphones
    • Here’s a full instruction video on how to use NuCalm. It includes pairing devices with your headset.

    How do I activate the noise dampening feature on the JBL Headphones?

    Noise dampening is automatically activated by powering on the headphones. If you connect to your smart device using the audio cable, the noise-cancelling feature is not available.

    However, you can control the amount of surrounding noise allowed in by using the bottom button on the right ear cup. Place the headphones on your ears , press the bottom button and use the voice prompts to select the desired ambient control features – press once for ‘Ambient Aware Low’; press again for ‘Ambient Aware High’; press it a third time for ‘Ambient Aware Off’. ‘Ambient Aware Off’ is the quietest setting. If you are using NuCalm in a very quiet area, such as your bedroom, you may not need to use this feature.

    How do I know if the CES device is working? Should I feel something?
    To activate the 0.1 milliamp micro-current needed for the relaxing experience of NuCalm, power on the unit using the “On/Off” switch on the right side of the CES device. You do NOT need to press any buttons on the face of the unit – including the “Start/Stop” button. The CES is preset to the NuCalm specified settings (0.1mA and 120min timer). Once switched on, the device will start, and the countdown will begin (after 1 minute the timer will move from 120 to 119 minutes), signifying it is on.

    The CES device releases a very mild sub-sensory micro-current for cell permeability. The current is typically too small for anyone to feel.

    For my personal NuCalm sessions, can I reuse the patches?

    Absolutely. For personal use, the patches can typically be reused 4-5 times. Once they do not stick you can dispose of them and get a new pair. Make sure to stick the patches together after each use to store.

    How do I reorder supplies?

    You can call us directly at 877.6.NUCALM (877.668.2256), and we will place the order for you. Please note, we do not keep your credit card information on file.

    How often should I NuCalm? How long is a typical NuCalm session?
    Two-three times a week is a good starting point. Many users enjoy daily NuCalm sessions. You cannot NuCalm too much.

    For personal use, every individual is different. A NuCalm session typically lasts anywhere between 25-60 minutes. NuCalm provides mental and physical restoration with each session, therefore at times your body is going to need more than at other times.

    For clinical settings, a NuCalm session is typically the length of the treatment.

    What is the typical battery life for the NuCalm components?
    The JBL headset has a 15 hour battery life. We recommend charging after every few uses, just to ensure the battery hasn’t drained between sessions. If you need a NuCalm session and find the headset is not charged, you can still connect the headset to your device via the audio cable, instead of Bluetooth. However, you will not be able to activate the noise cancelling feature when using the audio cable.

    The CES device comes with two rechargeable batteries. Each battery typically lasts 6-8 sessions depending on session length and frequency. Whether for clinical or personal use, we recommend keeping the second battery fully charged at all times as a back up.

    We recommend having at least 20% charge on your iOS/Android device before starting a NuCalm session.

    For a clinical setting, it is best practice to charge all components overnight, every night.

    Can I use my own music when I NuCalm?

    NuCalm tracks are not just any tracks, they are specifically designed to create a deeper, more effective restorative experience. A typical song, when downloaded from iTunes is 5MB – 10MB depending on the length and complexity. The new NuCalm neuroacoustic track featuring Ottmar Liebert, is 797 MB! This means that the brain has to process approximately 133X the amount of information of a normal song. Hopefully, this illustrates the complexities of the physics that lies beneath the soundtracks. In fact, the music soundtrack in the NuCalm neuroacoustic software serves solely as a carrier wave and a distraction. Otherwise, the listener would hear a drone, which can become annoying, and certainly not an enjoyable listening experience.

    We hold the only patents in the world for nonlinear dynamic oscillations, using pitch and frequency matrices, and binaural signal processing to elicit a specific desired physiologic outcome.

    What is the most important component to the NuCalm experience?

    The proprietary neuroacoustic software built into the music is the most important component of the NuCalm experience, but each of the four components plays a crucial role. If you find yourself in an environment where it is not convenient to use all 4 of the components, you may try to use the system without the CES device and patches. You still need to apply the cream and eye mask while listening to the music via the NuCalm app. Without all four components, your experience may not be quite as effective or deep.